If you thought the turnover chain and the nWo belt were cute additions to college football Saturdays, wait until you get a load of Boise State.

A year after they broke out their own turnover belt for fall practice and a month after they experimented with a turnover stationary bike (yes, this whole thing is like an industry now), the Broncos have outdone even themselves. As KTVB's Jay Tust discovered before the kickoff of Saturday's Boise State showdown with Troy, the boys in blue now grace their sidelines with a turnover throne.

Is that an actual throne stationed between sideline benches? Yes. Yes it is. What did you think, that Boise State doesn't take its turnover celebrations seriously?! (Because nothing emphasizes that takeaways are serious like having college football players pretend they rule over a kingdom by sitting in a padded throne during a game.)

In all seriousness, it's going to be hard for anyone to top this. The sheer royalty of the idea is unmatched.

As the Idaho Statesman noted in August, the turnover bike from the summer had some similar concepts, so that may have been what led to the all-out move to the throne. That bike, which rewarded defensive players for any turnovers or big plays, reportedly had a gold seat, gold streamers and came with "a king's crown to wear," as well as a flying flag that read, "It's All About The Ball."