When you replace stadiums as often as most people swap toothbrushes, it's best to find new uses for the old stadiums rather than just letting them rot. That's precisely what Atlanta has done with Turner Field, the former home of the Atlanta Braves.

Turner Field, which was built way back in 1997 (they didn't even have electricity then if memory serves), was then passed along to Georgia State for football. Georgia State had been playing in the Georgia Dome, which opened even earlier than Turner Field in 1992, a stadium that is now being replaced by Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Caught up?

Good. Anyway, Turner Field doesn't really look like Turner Field anymore. It now looks like what it will serve as in the future: a football field.

Georgia State will play its first game at Turner Field against Tennessee State on Aug. 31. It's possible that if Tennessee State wins, Atlanta will give it the Georgia Dome. But they'll have to accept it as is, and there will be no returns.