LSU and Louisiana-Lafayette have licensing deals with Baton Rouge's Tin Roof Brewing Company that allow for the production and sale of two "official" school beers: the Bayou Bengal Lager (LSU) and Ragin' Cajuns Genuine Louisiana Ale (UL-Lafayette). 

But that relationship could come to an end soon if state lawmakers are successful in their efforts to pass House Bill 610, which seeks to ban public universities from licensing alcoholic beverages and would forbid LSU and UL-Lafayette from renewing their existing deals with Tin Roof Brewing once they expire, according to The Advocate.  

Former Shreveport mayor and representative Cedric Glover is among the bill's supporters and has "never been a fan of LSU," LSU President F. King Alexander told the paper

"We license lots of products; we'll help you do that," Alexander said. "Here, we have a local business, run by LSU alumni who we helped get started in our business incubator and who gives us 15 percent on one of the ales they sell. I don't find a problem with that at all."

Even if House Bill 610 is not passed, the deal between LSU and Tin Roof Brewing will be reviewed by the LSU Board of Supervisors prior to the expiration of the current license in June.