Tyler Goodman and his classmates went through a horrible experience that happens far too often, when a gunman entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Feb. 14 and began firing. By the time it was over, 17 people were dead.

During the shooting, Goodman, a quarterback at the school, was hiding in a room with the dean of admissions at Nicholls College, Paul Brower, and Nicholls assistant coach St. Clair Ryan. A couple of weeks after sharing that experience together, Goodman committed to Nicholls to play football.

Goodman told WFXT in Boston that Nicholls, a D-III school in Massachusetts, wasn't originally in his list of top schools, but after seeing how Brower and Ryan responded to the ordeal changed his view of the school. Goodman says the duo "went into father mode and protected us," and that formed a bond between them.

Goodman also says he hopes to wear No. 17 at Nicholls to honor the 17 people killed in the shooting.