Kim O'Reilly

Brackets are fresh on the mind as the end of March approaches, and the basketball gods have blessed us with one of the most unlikely Final Fours in years. The upsets haven't been contained to the hardwood, however, as our Pizza Pandemonium toppings bracket has seen some upsets for the ages. 

The first round was contentious, but the second round saw some memorable moments we will never forget. A plucky underdog -- 8-seed Jalapeños -- has fought from irrelevance all the way to the Final Four. On the other side of the bracket, blue-blood Pepperoni has dominated its competition and now faces a historic battle against another pizza mainstay. 

Pizza innovation has certainly come a long way in recent years, but for our purposes, imagine a base pie (crust, sauce, cheese) and be prepared to build from there. Final Four voting will take place on our Cover 3 Podcast Twitter account with links embedded into the article below. Check back with CBS Sports as the Final Four gives way to a championship game, with one topping emerging as the one to rule them all. 

See the updated bracket and vote in the Final Four round of Pizza Pandemonium below.

Pizza Pandemonium Bracket

Kim O'Reilly

Voting for every round round is being held via tweets from our Cover 3 Podcast account as embedded below. 

Hunter Region

(1) Pepperoni vs. (3) Sausage

(1) Pepperoni: The humble top seed has emerged as the simple yet reliable addition to any pizza. Close your eyes and envision a pizza, and it probably has pepperoni on it. It's a perfect little sprinkle of topping without trying to do too much. Battles against Bacon and Anchovies haven't been close. 

(3) Sausage: If you ask me, sausage was underseeded. The meat has even more taste than pepperoni and can be even more evenly distributed across a pizza. Sausage dominated 2-seed Extra Cheese by a 2-to-1 margin and now has a chance to do the impossible. 

Gatherer Region

(8) Jalapeños vs. (3) Peppers

(8) Jalapeños: This spicy pepper was easy to identify as the Fairleigh Dickinson or FAU of the Pizza Pandemonium bracket after being wildly underseeded. It's not a mainstay, but Jalapeños simply make everything better. A first-round matchup against 2-seed Mushrooms went down to the wire, but spinach was simply no match. Will Jalapeños pull another upset? 

(3) Peppers: The green pepper adds a satisfying crunch to any pizza, and it is a versatile addition to essentially any type of pizza. However, peppers' reliability will face a tough test with a similar, spicier competitor. Will substance beat out flash?