Some bowl games are just absolutely shameless branding, while others are so out of left field that they're downright charming in their silliness. The Cheez-It Bowl absolutely falls into the latter category. On Monday, it was announced that the bowl, to be played the day after Christmas Day between the Big 12 and the Pac 12, was being renamed from a plant to a tiny cheesy cracker.

For what it's worth, the logo kept the desert motif -- and it looks weirdly great.

The game will be played at Chase Field -- home of the Arizona Diamondbacks -- in Phoenix, Arizona.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter took the rebrand and ran with it.

The Cheez-It Bowl will join renowned games such as the Holiday Bowl, the Outback Bowl, the Camping World Bowl, the Dollar General Bowl and the Belk Bowl. All of this to say, there are lots of random bowl games out there. The Cheez-It Bowl will enter the fold just fine.

Of course, it wouldn't be a notification of a new bowl game without asking if the winning team gets a lifetime supply of Cheez-Its. They probably won't, but the company might be able to spare a box or two.