Billabong Pipe Masters 2017 live stream: What to know, watch World Surf League online

The final event of the WSL's Championship Tour is here, and some of the best surfers in the world will look to make their mark in Hawaii at the Billabong Pipe Masters. Gabriel Medina highlights a star-studded field that features Filipe Toledo, Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning, as these surfers are seeking a win at the biggest surfing event of the year. John John Florence heads in as the 2017 CT leader, and he can clinch a second title in a row with a Finals appearance at this event.

The event window runs from Dec. 8 to Dec. 20, and the scheduling is just a bit wonky. Basically, the swell determines when and where events will start. If a champion is crowned before the 20th, the event will end. Generally speaking, rounds will be announced based on the weather around 6-7 a.m. Hawaii time. If there's no surf, a lay day will occur -- but should the event reach the 20th, remaining competitors will compete no matter what.

Billabong Pipe Masters Round 3 where to watch

Date: Monday, Dec. 18
Time: TBD
Where: Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii
Stream: WSL Site, WSL Facebook

Dec. 18 forecast (per World Surf League):

Easing 4-7' faces in the a.m., easing through the day. Light S/SSE wind a.m., weak seabreeze p.m..

SWELL/SURF: NW swell eases through the day, strongest during the morning hours. 
WIND: Light S wind in the morning, trends to a weak sea breeze in the afternoon.   

TIDES: .3' low 9:28 a.m., .6 high at 3:03 p.m., 0' low at 7:23 p.m.    

Round 1 Heats

Heat 1: Matt Wilkinson; Jeremy Flores, Jadson Andre 
Heat 2: Owen Wright; Kanoa Igarashi; Josh Kerr
Heat 3: Julian Wilson; Conner Coffin; Stuart Kennedy
Heat 4: Jordy Smith; Bede Durbidge; Ethan Ewing
Heat 5: Gabriel Medina; Miguel Pupo
Heat 6: John John Florence; Wiggolly Dantas
Heat 7: Adriano de Souza; Caio Ibelli; Jack Freestone
Heat 8: Kolohe Andino; Joan Duru; Kelly Slater
Heat 9: Filipe Toledo; Michel Bourez; Ezekiel Lau
Heat 10: Sebastian Zietz; Adrian Buchan; Ian Gouveia
Heat 11: Joel Parkinson; Connor O'Leary; Leonardo Fioravanti
Heat 12: Mick Fanning; Frederico Morais; Italo Ferreira

Round 2 Heats

Heat 1: Gabriel Medina; Dusty Payne
Heat 2: Owen Wright; Ethan Ewing
Heat 3: Julian Wilson; Benji Brand
Heat 4: Matt Wilkinson; Stu Kennedy*
Heat 5: Adriano de Souza; Jadson Andre
Heat 6: Kolohe Andino; Jack Freestone
Heat 7: Filipe Toledo; Ian Gouveia
Heat 8: Sebastian Zietz; L. Fioravanti
Heat 9: Joel Parkinson; Wiggolly Dantas
Heat 10: Mick Fanning; Bede Durbidge
Heat 11: Frederico Morais; Kanoa Igarashi
Heat 12: Michel Bourez; Joan Duru

Round 3 Heats

Heat 1Julian Wilson; Ezekiel Lau 
Heat 2: Mick Fanning, Conner Coffin
Heat 3: Matt Wilkinson; Ian Gouveia
Heat 4Joel Parkinson; Miguel Pupo
Heat 5: Michel Bourez; Caio Ibelli
Heat 6John John Florence; Ethan Ewing
Heat 7: Adrian Buchen; Jeremy Flores
Heat 8: Gabriel Medina; Josh Kerr
Heat 9: Kolohe Andino; Italo Ferreira
Heat 10: Adriano de Souza; L. Fioravanti
Heat 11: Connor O'Leary; Kanoa Igarashi
Heat 12: Jordy Smith; Kelly Slater

Bold: Indicates heat winner

*: Conceded due to injury

Who can win and how (per World Surf League):

  • If John John makes the Final of the Billabong Pipe Masters he will clinch the 2017 World Title.
  • If Gabriel Medina wins at Pipe, he'll clinch only if John John finishes no better than 3rd.  
  • If John John does no better than 9th, Medina can clinch with a 2nd place finish. Jordy Smith can clinch it with a win.
  • If John John gets 13th or 25th, Medina needs 5th to clinch the title, Smith a 2nd, and Julian a win.  

*We will update this post as times become available and heats unfold. It promises to be a long two weeks, but incredibly exciting, as these 32 competitors vie for the WSL Title.

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