By now you probably already know that most sports are postponed or canceled and that society is essentially at an overall standstill thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. Although this shutdown is probably the best thing for the sake of everyone's health, it still sucks and it's creating some major disruptions in our daily lives. 

With gyms, group classes, spin studios and other various fitness outlets shut down at the moment, many of us are left looking for ways to stay in shape during the pandemic. I'm no fitness instructor but, due to a lack of sports news, I have nothing better to do than pretend to know what I'm talking about when it comes to almost anything. So, with that in mind, let's figure out a way to keep you in shape during these weird times. 

Do bodyweight exercises

If inmates can get ripped in a tiny prison cell, you can get ripped during the quarantine. Bodyweight exercises aren't great for getting huge or stacking them #gains, but they're a good way to stay toned (or shredded, depending on your commitment level) with limited resources. Here's a number of classic body-weight exercises you can do pretty much wherever, whenever:

  • Crunches
  • Push-ups (all variations: wide-set, diamond, staggered, etc.)
  • Planks
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Wall sits
  • Burpees

There are also a number of accessories you can add to the mix, like kettlebells or medicine balls. Or a door frame pull-up bar. Just make sure you fasten that thing in securely... hospitals are busy enough these days.

Go for a run, or walk, or hike

Usually when I tell people to "take a hike" it's meant with a lot less sincerely, but now is as good a time as any to give it a real shot. There's a good chance you'll be looking for any excuse to get some fresh air and going for a walk, run or hike could help you kill two birds with one stone. (Not literally. Please don't throw rocks at birds on your hike.) Doing so allows you to be active outside without necessarily coming into close contact with other people, so it's a safe way to get your cardio in during this pandemic.

BONUS TIP: Find some stairs and run the stairs. You know, like Rocky did that one time.  

Look up some old celebrity workout videos

The great thing about old celebrity workout videos is that sometimes you can get a few nice workout tips from famous people who are largely unqualified to be giving you advice (like me). But, at the very least, they're usually a great ab workout because it's hard not to laugh the entire time. 

Fashion some homemade weights

If bodyweight exercises and cardio won't cut it for you because you're an advanced lifter who needs to stay hunky, there are a number of ways you can get creative to fashion some DIY weights. Got a bag with a couple of bowling balls in it? Boom, basically a dumbbell. Maybe you've got some bags of sand or soil in your shed? You can either use the entire thing or pour some into gallon jugs. If you want to get really crazy, there are a bunch of YouTube videos showing you how to put together your own concrete dumbbells. If that's too much work. just throw a bunch of useless crap into a weekender bag and have at it.

Be rich

Like most problems, you can fix this one by being super rich. Just buy your own gym equipment and have it shipped to your mansion in the hills. And, on a related note... 

Get a Peloton

Not such a bad Christmas present now, huh, idiot?

Read a book

If you can't make your body stronger, at least give your brain a workout. If you're Floyd Mayweather, do a puzzle or something.

Play video games

It may not be the most physically challenging workout but video games are a great way to sharpen your reaction time and various other cognitive abilities. (Yes, you have permission to show this to your mom when she yells at you for spending too many hours in front of the TV.) Going into a fit of rage after getting killed from behind in "Call of Duty" is also an effective way to burn calories. Plus, video games and eSports are making people millionaires these days so it could be a great business opportunity as well. 

Just don't

Who cares about your body? Nobody is going to see you anyway. Keep burning through your isolation snacks while confirming to Netflix that, yes, you are still watching. Rules and calories don't even count during quarantine anyway.