Hate Mail: Joe-Bots threatening me with bodily harm now ... sigh

I wrote about the next statue planned to honor Joe Paterno. Joe-Bots wrote me, mostly on Twitter.

Hate Mail is fun, usually. This is not. Consider yourself warned.

Oh, and if you disagreed with my story on Paterno, that means you agree with these people. If that doesn't scare some sense into you, I don't know what else to say.

From: We Are The Main

UR now being monitored by #TheMain. Breaches of human decency are subject to Old Testament recourse.

Old Testament recourse? I think this might be a threat.

From: Razor Ramon 48 (aka Zach Fletcher, Old Dominion)

Hey I saw your post about Joe Paterno and I wanted to ask have you ever tried picking your teeth up with broken fingers?

Broken fingers, removed teeth? Pretty sure this is a threat.

From: Razor Ramon 48 (aka Zach Fletcher, Old Dominion)

I'll rip your fingers off so you can't pick your teeth up haha

Positive that's a threat.

From: Eric Geffken

Your latest article is one of the worst I have read in a while. Just continuing off the baseless narrative the media put out. There is still no proof Paterno did anything wrong. Also ironic how all this chastising of Penn State's culture is coming from an SEC guy. You and Emmert must be buddies.

No proof. Bad narrative. I'm an SEC guy. How many clichés were you going to throw at me, Eric? My head's spinning from all this stupid.

From: Jon Rowland

You're one of the biggest morons I've ever met. I read your article and was literally stunned by your blindsided hate.

If the idea that Joe Paterno is blameless "blindsided" you, by golly, you're dumber than a plant. Fern, Joe? I like ferns.

From: Jon Rowland

JoePa doesn't deserve a statue? You don't deserve a column because you've done something wrong in your life.

I'm not perfect, no. But I've never spent 10 years knowing about a child predator in my town and letting it just ... happen.

From: Chris Lewis

You're an ignorant nobody who's just jealous of Penn State 

You saw right through me.

From: Tom Petrore

How about a piece about ESPN hanging onto the Bernie Fine tape. Aren't they enablers? How about the parents of the kids Bill Conlin molested? They kept quiet. Are they enablers?

They're wrong, therefore Joe Paterno is right. Got it.

From: Tom Petrore

Too bad you're irrelevant.

You say to the guy you've been tweeting non-stop for the last hour. If I was any more relevant to you, I'd be on your ceiling. I'm not, I hope.

From: Mark Schlaffer

It's obvious U were violated in Ur life your hatred mirrors a gunmen shooting at random targets simply out of hatred

Your twitter bio says -- because what's the point of doing good work if you can't brag about it? -- that you've "worked with disadvantaged children for over 20 years in the Lehigh Valley." And you throw around phrases like "it's obvious you were violated." God help the children, Mark.

From: Mark Schlaffer

Only you could slander someone with the lifetime integrity of Paterno, what's next setting an orphanage on fire on Christmas.

God help you too, Mark.

From: Chris Lewis

The Penn State University community supports the Statue and Joe Paterno's innocence.

Hey, Penn State community. This guy says he speaks for you. I'm asking: Does he?

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