TNT analyst Ernie Johnson called it before the game -- the NBA All-Star Game scoring record was going to fall on Sunday.

It became clear that Johnson’s preminition was going to come true early in the fourth quarter. The only questions were when, and who?

We got our answer early in the fourth quarter, though it was a bit confusing. Russell Westbrook had 41 points and was credited with a 3-pointer which put him up to 44, which would have broken Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 42. But the basket was taken away from Westbrook and given to someone else, sending him back down to 41.

Pelicans forward Anthony Davis was quick to capitalize, scoring just a few possessions later to set the record.

He didn’t stop there though, and continued to pile up the points -- mostly through dunks -- to finish with a new record of 52 points. The West won the game 192-182, so there were plenty of points to go around. It was no surprise when Davis was named the All-Star Game MVP after the game.

If the Pelicans are somehow able to land DeMarcus Cousins before the trade deadline, this is going to be a very good week for The Brow.