On paper, adding Kevin Durant to Golden State's already star-filled roster doesn't seem fair for the rest of the NBA. However, there will likely be a gelling period though as Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Durant learn how to play together.

Each player will have to adjust his game accordingly too. And as Rockets All-Star James Harden says, there is after all just "one basketball." But with the addition of Durant, Green will likely lose touches on offense, but isn't too worried about that. For Green, winning multiple championships is the main priority and he is willing to make sacrifices in his own game to achieve that goal.

From The Vertical's Michael Lee:

"Long as you win, everything else takes care of itself," Green told The Vertical. "I'd sacrifice everything for championships. When you win, you don't really sacrifice anything because everybody gets love when you win. That's kind of my thing. If you're a winner, you can't really be denied too much of anything. I don't mind sacrificing anything for championships, and that's what we set out to do, win championships."

Green was one of the main recruiters in Golden State's pursuit of Durant, so he knew all along that his role on offense may become reduced if the All-Star forward actually agreed to join the Warriors. Like the rest of the Warriors who live by their "Strength in Numbers" motto, Green is a team-first type of player and is strongly motivated by the prospect of winning another championship. That's why he is willing to sacrifice everything as he says, now that Durant is on the team. He likely won't have to change up his whole game but Green will have to adjust. But if it means winning another ring, Green doesn't seem to mind.