Kevin Durant is a back-to-back NBA Finals MVP, but all anyone wants to talk about is his offseason plans -- and Durant is sick of it. Durant ranted on Wednesday about the constant speculation about whether or not he's going to the Knicks this summer, saying that he shouldn't have to focus on anything other than playing basketball for the time being.

What Durant is really talking about is the way the league is reported. In a superstar-driven league like the NBA, everything that stars do draws scrutiny, as we've seen at this year's trade deadline. Durant may well end up going somewhere else this offseason, but he doesn't think there should be any obligation to comment on that now. Kyrie Irving -- another player connected to the Knicks -- has shown some similar frustration.

On Thursday's "Off the Bench" podcast, Danny Kanell and Brad Botkin talk about Durant's outburst. Durant already draws tons of criticism online for absconding to the Golden State Warriors as a free agent, so Kanell and Botkin discuss whether or not Durant is treated fairly. They then talk about if his rant is fair, or if Durant just needs to accept that this is how things are.

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