The Boston Celtics are bringing in the "big guns" to help with their recruitment of Kevin Durant.

Besides bringing numerous Celtics players, Boston also got New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady to help with their pitch of Durant:

Durant is from the Washington D.C. area so he is a big Redskins fan but having Brady on hand should send a signal to him about how serious the Celtics are. Brady is perhaps the biggest star in all of New England and for him to take the time out to travel with the Celtics to meet with Durant says a lot.

Of course, Durant is reportedly strongly leaning towards staying in Oklahoma City but the Celtics clearly aren't messing around when it comes to their pitch. They have the cap space to sign Durant plus are among the frontrunners to land Al Horford.

Plus now the Celtics also have Brady on the side and as we all know, you can never count out Touchdown Tom.

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Tom Brady wants to Kevin Durant to sign with the Celtics. USATSI