Public praise of the triangle offense last season from Knicks up-and-comer Kristaps Porzingis led to a private conversation with Carmelo Anthony. Porzingis was reportedly chewed out and 'lit into', by  Anthony according to a report from the New York Post.

Anthony apparently isn't a fan of the triangle offense and made sure he and Porzingis got on the same page quickly.

Here's more from the New York Post report.

Anthony, who is the only Knick who has been a part of the four straight teams that have missed the playoffs, was considered disruptive in the locker room. On March 1, when the Knicks were last in Orlando finishing out the string against the Magic, Porzingis voiced his support of Jackson's triangle offense.

"We're starting to learn it now the way we should and we should have been playing from the beginning of the season," Porzingis said then. "So we're a little behind. Hopefully, I don't know when, we can start using it properly and making some impact playing it. I like the triangle. My whole first season, we played nothing but the triangle so I know it pretty well.''

According to an NBA source, Anthony was furious to read Porzingis' positive sentiments on an offense he disdains.

"Melo really chewed him out, lit into him,'' the source said.

The triangle offense is a thing of the past that worked to perfection when Phil Jackson was coach of the Chicago Bulls, but in a pace-and-space NBA, it simply didn't work. And it certainly wasn't popular when it was pushed last season by Jackson, who was fired by the Knicks this week.