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The Portland Trail Blazers have certainly had a dramatic offseason so far. It's been reported that star guard Damian Lillard could be pushing to be traded, and the team recently hired Chauncey Billups as its next head coach. Some Portland fans were unhappy with the move because of a rape allegation against Billups in 1997. Billups was never charged, but many Trail Blazer fans expressed their disappointment with the move.

During Tuesday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson weighed in on Portland's hiring process -- which included interviewing Spurs assistant Becky Hammon -- and believes that hiring Billups was a bad move.

"They dangled a woman's name in front of us to make us think she had a chance and turned around and hired a man with rape allegations against him," Samson said. "You know I'm all about innocent until proven guilty, but I'm also all about about PR. The reality is that when some people are hired whether the allegation is true or not true, they can't be the face of an organization. In sports and business, sometimes what is perceived to be real turns out to be real."

Samson simply believes that Billups' reputation will always be a storyline even if he wasn't convicted of a crime.