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NBA teams have been struggling to keep up with Stephen Curry on the basketball court for years. He is the most dangerous off-ball mover in the history of basketball, and his reflexes are so quick that he can get a shot up with virtually no space. However, when you take him off of the court and put him up against an opponent whose physical and financial health relies on reflexes, he is sorely outclassed. 

That happened on the golf course on Wednesday at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament in South Lake Tahoe Nev. Curry was golfing with boxer Canelo Alvarez and challenged him to spar. When Curry threw an intentionally short punch at Alvarez, the professional fighter easily ducked away. When it was Alvarez's chance to throw one at Curry? The two-time MVP was far too slow, and was spared a nasty blow only through Alvarez's mercy. 

This actually isn't even the first time Alvarez and Curry have sparred on the golf course. They did so in 2020 as well, and unsurprisingly, the results were no different. 

Curry doesn't have the sort of traditional athletic gifts that power most NBA players. He is neither the biggest nor the fastest player on the court. But his hand-eye coordination is legendary, and in addition to helping him become an NBA Hall of Famer, it has also made him a renowned golfer. But boxers are on another level, and as accomplished as Curry is in his own field, he'd need a lot of work to hold his own in the ring against someone like Alvarez.