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After months of anticipation, the NFL has released its 2021 schedule. The league has plenty of intriguing matchups for fans to look forward to, starting with the thrilling kickoff game between the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys on September 9 (which is just 120 days away).

For the fifth time, Tom Brady will play in the NFL's kickoff game. Brady was 3-1 in such games during his prolific run with the Patriots. This time around, Brady will look to get the Buccaneers' title defense off to a winning start against a Cowboys team that is welcoming back their own quarterback, Dak Prescott. Since 2004, defending champions are 13-3 when playing in the NFL's season opener. 

The NFL released its entire Week 1 schedule on Thursday morning. Among the marquee Week 1 games includes a 2020 playoff rematch between the Browns and Chiefs. The Jets, with new quarterback Zach Wilson, will head to Carolina to face their former quarterback Sam Darnold. The Dolphins, fresh off of last year's surprising record, will head to New England to face the revamped Patriots. Speaking of the AFC East, the Bills will host the Steelers, who will start on the road for a seventh straight season. The Rams will host the season's first "Sunday Night Football" game against the Bears. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will head to Las Vegas to face the Raiders on "Monday Night Football." 

Here's a look at every team's full schedule below, including kickoff time, TV channel and more. All kickoff times are in ET. Football season is just around the corner! 

Arizona Cardinals 

Sep. 12at Tennessee Titans1 PMCBS
Sep. 19Minnesota Vikings4:05 PMFOX
Sep. 26at Jacksonville Jaguars1 PMFOX
Oct. 3at Los Angeles Rams4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 10San Francisco 49ers4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 17at Cleveland Browns4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 24Houston Texans4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 28Green Bay Packers (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Nov. 7at San Francisco 49ers4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 14Carolina Panthers4:05 PMFOX
Nov. 21at Seattle Seahawks4:25 PMFOX


Dec. 5at Chicago Bears1 PMFOX
Dec. 13Los Angeles Rams (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Dec. 19at Detroit Lions1 PMFOX
Dec. 25Indianapolis Colts8:15 PMNFLN
Jan. 2at Dallas Cowboys1 PMFOX
Jan. 9Seattle Seahawks4:25 PMFOX

Atlanta Falcons

Sep. 12Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 19at Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:05 PMFOX
Sep. 26at New York Giants1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 3Washington Football Team1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 10New York Jets (London)9:30 AMNFLN


Oct. 24at Miami Dolphins1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 31Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 7at New Orleans Saints1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 14at Dallas Cowboys1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 18New England Patriots (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Nov. 28at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 5Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 12at Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 19at San Francisco 49ers1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 26Detroit Lions1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 2at Buffalo Bills1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 9New Orleans Saints1:00 PMFOX

Baltimore Ravens

Sep. 13at Las Vegas Raiders (Mon)8:15 PMESPN/ABC
Sep. 19Kansas City Chiefs8:20 PMNBC
Sep. 26at Detroit Lions1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 3at Denver Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 11Indianapolis Colts (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Oct. 17Los Angeles Chargers1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 24Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMCBS


Nov. 7Minnesota Vikings1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 11at Miami Dolphins (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Nov. 21at Chicago Bears1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 28Cleveland Browns8:20 PMNBC*
Dec. 5at Pittsburgh Steelers4:25 PMCBS
Dec. 12at Cleveland Browns1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 19Green Bay Packers1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 26at Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 2Los Angeles Rams4:25 PMFOX
Jan. 9Pittsburgh Steelers1:00 PMCBS

Buffalo Bills

Sep. 12Pittsburgh Steelers1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 19at Miami Dolphins1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 26Washington Football Team1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 3Houston Texans1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 10at Kansas City Chiefs8:20 PMNBC*
Oct. 18at Tennessee Titans (Mon)8:15 PMESPN


Oct. 31Miami Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 7at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 14at New York Jets1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 21Indianapolis Colts1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 25at New Orleans Saints (Thanksgiving)8:20 PMNBC
Dec. 6New England Patriots (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Dec. 12at Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:25 PMCBS
TBDCarolina PanthersTBDTBD
Dec. 26at New England Patriots1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 2Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 9New York Jets1:00 PMCBS

Carolina Panthers

Sep. 12New York Jets1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 19New Orleans Saints1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 23at Houston Texans (Thu)8:30 PMNFLN
Oct. 3at Dallas Cowboys1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 10Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 17Minnesota Vikings1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 24at New York Giants1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 31at Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 7New England Patriots1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 14at Arizona Cardinals4:05 PMFOX
Nov. 21Washington Football Team1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 28at Miami Dolphins1:00 PMFOX


Dec. 12Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX
TBDat Buffalo BillsTBDTBD
Dec. 26Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 2at New Orleans Saints1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 9at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PMFOX

Chicago Bears

Sep. 12at Los Angeles Rams8:20 PMNBC
Sep. 19Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 26at Cleveland Browns1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 3Detroit Lions1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 10at Las Vegas Raiders4:05 PMCBS
Oct. 17Green Bay Packers1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 24at Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 31San Francisco 49ers1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 8at Pittsburgh Steelers (Mon)8:15 PMESPN


Nov. 21Baltimore Ravens1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 25at Detroit Lions (Thanksgiving)12:30 PMFOX
Dec. 5Arizona Cardinals1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 12at Green Bay Packers8:20 PMNBC*
Dec. 20Minnesota Vikings (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Dec. 26at Seattle Seahawks4:05 PMFOX
Jan. 2New York Giants1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 9at Minnesota Vikings1:00 PMFOX

Cincinnati Bengals

Sep. 12Minnesota Vikings1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 19at Chicago Bears1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 26at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 30Jacksonville Jaguars (Thu)8:20 PMNFLN
Oct. 10Green Bay Packers1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 17at Detroit Lions1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 24at Baltimore Ravens1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 31at New York Jets1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 7Cleveland Browns1:00 PMCBS


Nov. 21at Las Vegas Raiders4:05 PMCBS
Nov. 28Pittsburgh Steelers1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 5Los Angeles Chargers1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 12San Francisco 49ers1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 19at Denver Broncos4:05 PMCBS
Dec. 26Baltimore Ravens1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 2Kansas City Chiefs1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 9at Cleveland Browns1:00 PMCBS

Cleveland Browns

Sep. 12at Kansas City Chiefs4:25 PMCBS
Sep. 19Houston Texans1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 26Chicago Bears1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 3at Minnesota Vikings1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 10at Los Angeles Chargers4:05 PMCBS
Oct. 17Arizona Cardinals4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 21Denver Broncos (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Oct. 31Pittsburgh Steelers1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 7at Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 14at New England Patriots1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 21Detroit Lions1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 28at Baltimore Ravens8:20 PMNBC*


Dec. 12Baltimore Ravens1:00 PMCBS
TBDLas Vegas RaidersTBDTBD
Dec. 25at Green Bay Packers4:30 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Jan. 3at Pittsburgh Steelers (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Jan. 9Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMCBS

Dallas Cowboys

Sep. 9at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Thu)8:20 PMNBC
Sep. 19at Los Angeles Chargers4:25 PMCBS
Sep. 27Philadelphia Eagles (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Oct. 3Carolina Panthers1 PMFOX
Oct. 10New York Giants4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 17at New England Patriots4:25 PMCBS


Oct. 31at Minnesota Vikings8:20 PMNBC*
Nov. 7Denver Broncos1 PMFOX
Nov. 14Atlanta Falcons1 PMFOX
Nov. 21at Kansas City Chiefs4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 25Las Vegas Raiders (Thanksgiving)4:30 PMCBS
Dec. 2at New Orleans Saints (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Dec. 12at Washington Football Team1 PMFOX
Dec. 19at New York Giants1 PMFOX
Dec. 26Washington Football Team8:20 PMNBC*
Jan. 2Arizona Cardinals1 PMFOX
Jan. 9at Philadelphia Eagles1 PMFOX

Denver Broncos

Sep. 12at New York Giants4:25 PMFOX
Sep. 19at Jacksonville Jaguars1 PMCBS
Sep. 26New York Jets4:05 PMCBS
Oct. 3Baltimore Ravens4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 10at Pittsburgh Steelers1 PMFOX
Oct. 17Las Vegas Raiders4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 21at Cleveland Browns (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Oct. 31Washington Football Team4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 7at Dallas Cowboys1 PMFOX
Nov. 14Philadelphia Eagles4:25 PMCBS


Nov. 28Los Angeles Chargers4:05 PMCBS
Dec. 5at Kansas City Chiefs1 PMCBS
Dec. 12Detroit Lions4:05 PMFOX
Dec. 19Cincinnati Bengals4:05 PMCBS
Dec. 26at Las Vegas Raiders4:25 PMCBS
Jan. 2at Los Angeles Chargers4:05 PMCBS
Jan. 9Kansas City Chiefs4:25 PMCBS

Detroit Lions

Sep. 12San Francisco 49ers1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 20at Green Bay Packers (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Sep. 26Baltimore Ravens1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 3at Chicago Bears1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 10at Minnesota Vikings1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 17Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 24at Los Angeles Rams4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 31Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PMFOX


Nov. 14at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 21at Cleveland Browns1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 25Chicago Bears (Thanksgiving)12:30 PMFOX
Dec. 5Minnesota Vikings1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 12at Denver Broncos4:05 PMFOX
Dec. 19Arizona Cardinals1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 26at Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 2at Seattle Seahawks4:25 PMFOX
Jan. 9Green Bay Packers1:00 PMFOX

Green Bay Packers

Sep. 12at New Orleans Saints4:25 PMFOX
Sep. 20Detroit Lions (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Sep. 26at San Francisco 49ers8:20 PMNBC
Oct. 3Pittsburgh Steelers4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 10at Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 17at Chicago Bears1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 24Washington Football Team1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 28at Arizona Cardinals (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Nov. 7at Kansas City Chiefs4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 14Seattle Seahawks4:25 PMCBS
Nov. 21at Minnesota Vikings1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 28Los Angeles Rams4:25 PMFOX


Dec. 12Chicago Bears8:20 PMNBC*
Dec. 19at Baltimore Ravens1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 25Cleveland Browns4:30 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Jan. 2Minnesota Vikings8:20 PMNBC*
Jan. 9at Detroit Lions1:00 PMFOX

Houston Texans

Sep. 12Jacksonville Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 19at Cleveland Browns1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 23Carolina Panthers (Thu)8:20 PMNFLN
Oct. 3at Buffalo Bills1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 10New England Patriots1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 17at Indianapolis Colts1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 24at Arizona Cardinals4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 31Los Angeles Rams1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 7at Miami Dolphins1:00 PMFOX


Nov. 21at Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 28New York Jets1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 5Indianapolis Colts1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 12Seattle Seahawks1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 19at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 26Los Angeles Chargers1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 2at San Francisco 49ers4:05 PMCBS
Jan. 9Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS

Indianapolis Colts

Sep. 12Seattle Seahawks1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 19Los Angeles Rams1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 26at Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 3at Miami Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 11at Baltimore Ravens (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Oct. 17Houston Texans1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 24at San Francisco 49ers8:20 PMNBC*
Oct. 31Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 4New York Jets (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Nov. 14Jacksonville Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 21at Buffalo Bills1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 28Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 5at Houston Texans1:00 PMCBS


TBDNew England PatriotsTBDTBD
Dec. 25at Arizona Cardinals8:15 PMNFLN
Jan. 2Las Vegas Raiders1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 9at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00 PMCBS

Jacksonville Jaguars

Sep. 12at Houston Texans1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 19Denver Broncos1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 26Arizona Cardinals1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 30at Cincinnati Bengals (Thu)8:20 PMNFLN
Oct. 10Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 17Miami Dolphins (London)9:30 AMCBS


Oct. 31at Seattle Seahawks4:05 PMCBS
Nov. 7Buffalo Bills1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 14at Indianapolis Colts1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 21San Francisco 49ers1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 28Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 5at Los Angeles Rams4:25 PMCBS
Dec. 12at Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 19Houston Texans1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 26at New York Jets1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 2at New England Patriots1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 9Indianapolis Colts1:00 PMCBS

Kansas City Chiefs

Sep. 12Cleveland Browns4:25 PMCBS
Sep. 19at Baltimore Ravens8:20 PMNBC
Sep. 26Los Angeles Chargers1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 3at Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 10Buffalo Bills8:20 PMNBC*
Oct. 17at Washington Football Team1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 24at Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 1New York Giants (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Nov. 7Green Bay Packers4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 14at Las Vegas Raiders8:20 PMNBC*
Nov. 21Dallas Cowboys4:25 PMFOX


Dec. 5Denver Broncos1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 12Las Vegas Raiders1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 16at Los Angeles Chargers (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Dec. 26Pittsburgh Steelers4:25 PMCBS
Jan. 2at Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 9at Denver Broncos4:25 PMCBS

Los Angeles Chargers

Sep. 12at Washington Football Team1 PMCBS
Sep. 19Dallas Cowboys4:25 PMCBS
Sep. 26at Kansas City Chiefs1 PMCBS
Oct. 4Las Vegas Raiders (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Oct. 10Cleveland Browns4:05 PMCBS
Oct. 17at Baltimore Ravens1 PMCBS


Oct. 31New England Patriots4:05 PMCBS
Nov. 7at Philadelphia Eagles4:05 PMCBS
Nov. 14Minnesota Vikings4:05 PMFOX
Nov. 21Pittsburgh Steelers8:20 PMNBC*
Nov. 28at Denver Broncos4:05 PMCBS
Dec. 5at Cincinnati Bengals1 PMFOX
Dec. 12New York Giants4:05 PMFOX
Dec. 16Kansas City Chiefs (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Dec. 26at Houston Texans1 PMCBS
Jan. 2Denver Broncos4:05 PMCBS
Jan. 9at Las Vegas Raiders4:25 PMCBS

Los Angeles Rams

Sep. 12Chicago Bears8:20 PMNBC
Sep. 19at Indianapolis Colts1 PMFOX
Sep. 26Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 3Arizona Cardinals4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 7at Seattle Seahawks (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Oct. 17at New York Giants1 PMFOX
Oct. 24Detroit Lions4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 31at Houston Texans1 PMFOX
Nov. 7Tennessee Titans8:20 PMNBC*
Nov. 15at San Francisco 49ers (Mon)8:15 PMESPN


Nov. 28at Green Bay Packers4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 5Jacksonville Jaguars4:25 PMCBS
Dec. 13at Arizona Cardinals (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Dec. 19Seattle Seahawks4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 26at Minnesota Vikings1 PMFOX
Jan. 2at Baltimore Ravens4:25 PMFOX
Jan. 9San Francisco 49ers4:25 PMFOX

Las Vegas Raiders

Sep. 13Baltimore Ravens (Mon)8:15 PMESPN/ABC
Sep. 19at Pittsburgh Steelers1 PMCBS
Sep. 26Miami Dolphins4:05 PMCBS
Oct. 4at Los Angeles Chargers (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Oct. 10Chicago Bears4:05 PMCBS
Oct. 17at Denver Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 24Philadelphia Eagles4:05 PMFOX


Nov. 7at New York Giants1 PMCBS
Nov. 14Kansas City Chiefs8:20 PMNBC*
Nov. 21Cincinnati Bengals4:05 PMCBS
Nov. 25at Dallas Cowboys (Thanksgiving)4:30 PMCBS
Dec. 5Washington Football Team4:05 PMFOX
Dec. 12at Kansas City Chiefs1 PMCBS
TBDat Cleveland BrownsTBDTBD
Dec. 26Denver Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Jan. 2at Indianapolis Colts1 PMCBS
Jan. 9Los Angeles Chargers4:25 PMCBS

Miami Dolphins

Sep. 12at New England Patriots4:25 PMCBS
Sep. 19Buffalo Bills1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 26at Las Vegas Raiders4:05 PMCBS
Oct. 3Indianapolis Colts1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 10at Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 17at Jacksonville Jaguars (London)9:30 AMCBS
Oct. 24Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 31at Buffalo Bills1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 7Houston Texans1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 11Baltimore Ravens (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Nov. 21at New York Jets1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 28Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 5New York Giants1:00 PMFOX


Dec. 27at New Orleans Saints (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Jan. 2at Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 9New England Patriots1:00 PMCBS

Minnesota Vikings

Sep. 12at Cincinnati Bengals1 PMFOX
Sep. 19at Arizona Cardinals4:05 PMFOX
Sep. 26Seattle Seahawks4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 3Cleveland Browns1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 10Detroit Lions1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 17at Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX


Oct. 31Dallas Cowboys8:20 PMNBC*
Nov. 7at Baltimore Ravens1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 14at Los Angeles Chargers4:05 PMFOX
Nov. 21Green Bay Packers1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 28at San Francisco 49ers4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 5at Detroit Lions1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 9Pittsburgh Steelers (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Dec. 20at Chicago Bears (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Dec. 26Los Angeles Rams1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 2at Green Bay Packers8:20 PMNBC*
Jan. 9Chicago Bears1:00 PMFOX

New England Patriots

Sep. 12Miami Dolphins4:25 PMCBS
Sep. 19at New York Jets1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 26New Orleans Saints1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 3Tampa Bay Buccaneers8:20 PMNBC
Oct. 10at Houston Texans1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 17Dallas Cowboys4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 24New York Jets1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 31at Los Angeles Chargers4:05 PMCBS
Nov. 7at Carolina Panthers1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 14Cleveland Browns1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 18at Atlanta Falcons (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Nov. 28Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 6at Buffalo Bills (Mon)8:15 PMESPN


TBDat Indianapolis ColtsTBDTBD
Dec. 26Buffalo Bills1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 2Jacksonville Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 9at Miami Dolphins1:00 PMCBS

New Orleans Saints

Sep. 12Green Bay Packers4:25 PMFOX
Sep. 19at Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 26at New England Patriots1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 3New York Giants1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 10at Washington Football Team1:00 PMCBS


Oct. 25at Seattle Seahawks (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Oct. 31Tampa Bay Buccaneers4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 7Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 14at Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 21at Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 25Buffalo Bills (Thanksgiving)8:20 PMNBC
Dec. 2Dallas Cowboys (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Dec. 12at New York Jets1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 19at Tampa Bay Buccaneers8:20 PMNBC*
Dec. 27Miami Dolphins (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Jan. 2Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 9at Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX

New York Giants

Sep. 12Denver Broncos4:25 PMFOX
Sep. 16at Washington Football Team (Thu)8:20 PMNFLN
Sep. 26Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 3at New Orleans Saints1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 10at Dallas Cowboys4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 17Los Angeles Rams1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 24Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 1at Kansas City Chiefs (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Nov. 7Las Vegas Raiders1:00 PMCBS


Nov. 22at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Nov. 28Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 5at Miami Dolphins1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 12at Los Angeles Chargers4:05 PMFOX
Dec. 19Dallas Cowboys1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 26at Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 2at Chicago Bears1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 9Washington Football Team1:00 PMFOX

New York Jets

Sep. 12at Carolina Panthers1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 19New England Patriots1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 26at Denver Broncos4:05 PMCBS
Oct. 3Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 10at Atlanta Falcons (London)9:30 AMNFLN


Oct. 24at New England Patriots1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 31Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 4at Indianapolis Colts (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Nov. 14Buffalo Bills1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 21Miami Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 28at Houston Texans1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 5Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 12New Orleans Saints1:00 PMFOX
TBDat Miami DolphinsTBDTBD
Dec. 26Jacksonville Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 2Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 9at Buffalo Bills1:00 PMCBS

Philadelphia Eagles

Sep. 12at Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 19San Francisco 49ers1:00 PMFOX
Sep. 27at Dallas Cowboys (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Oct. 3Kansas City Chiefs1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 10at Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 14Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Oct. 24at Las Vegas Raiders4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 31at Detroit Lions1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 7Los Angeles Chargers4:05 PMCBS
Nov. 14at Denver Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Nov. 21New Orleans Saints1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 28at New York Giants1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 5at New York Jets1:00 PMCBS


TBDWashington Football TeamTBDTBD
Dec. 26New York Giants1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 2at Washington Football Team1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 9Dallas Cowboys1:00 PMFOX

Pittsburgh Steelers

Sep. 12at Buffalo Bills1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 19Las Vegas Raiders1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 26Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 3at Green Bay Packers4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 10Denver Broncos1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 17Seattle Seahawks8:20 PMNBC*


Oct. 31at Cleveland Browns1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 8Chicago Bears (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Nov. 14Detroit Lions1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 21at Los Angeles Chargers8:20 PMNBC*
Nov. 28at Cincinnati Bengals1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 5Baltimore Ravens4:25 PMCBS
Dec. 9at Minnesota Vikings (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Dec. 19Tennessee Titans1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 26at Kansas City Chiefs4:25 PMCBS
Jan. 3Cleveland Browns (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Jan. 9at Baltimore Ravens1:00 PMCBS

San Francisco 49ers

Sep. 12at Detroit Lions1 PMFOX
Sep. 19at Philadelphia Eagles1 PMFOX
Sep. 26Green Bay Packers8:20 PMNBC
Oct. 3Seattle Seahawks4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 10at Arizona Cardinals4:25 PMFOX


Oct. 24Indianapolis Colts8:20 PMNBC*
Oct. 31at Chicago Bears1 PMFOX
Nov. 7Arizona Cardinals4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 15Los Angeles Rams (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Nov. 21at Jacksonville Jaguars1 PMFOX
Nov. 28Minnesota Vikings4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 5at Seattle Seahawks8:20 PMNBC*
Dec. 12at Cincinnati Bengals1 PMCBS
Dec. 19Atlanta Falcons4:05 PMCBS
Dec. 23at Tennessee Titans (Thu)8:20 PMNFLN
Jan. 2Houston Texans4:05 PMCBS
Jan. 9at Los Angeles Rams4:25 PMFOX

Seattle Seahawks

Sep. 12at Indianapolis Colts1 PMFOX
Sep. 19Tennessee Titans4:25 PMCBS
Sep. 26at Minnesota Vikings4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 3at San Francisco 49ers4:05 PMFOX
Oct. 7Los Angeles Rams (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Oct. 17at Pittsburgh Steelers8:20 PMNBC*
Oct. 25New Orleans Saints (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
4Oct. 31Jacksonville Jaguars1:05 PMCBS


Nov. 14at Green Bay Packers4:25 PMCBS
Nov. 21Arizona Cardinals4:25 PMFOX
Nov. 29at Washington Football Team (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Dec. 5San Francisco 49ers8:20 PMNBC*
Dec. 12at Houston Texans1 PMFOX
Dec. 19at Los Angeles Rams4:25 PMFOX
Dec. 26Chicago Bears4:05 PMFOX
Jan. 2Detroit Lions4:25 PMFOX
Jan. 9at Arizona Cardinals4:25 PMFOX

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sep. 9Dallas Cowboys (Thu)8:20 PMNBC
Sep. 19Atlanta Falcons4:05 PMFOX
Sep. 26at Los Angeles Rams4:25 PMFOX
Oct. 3at New England Patriots8:20 PMNBC
Oct. 10Miami Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 14at Philadelphia Eagles (Thu)8:20 PMFOX/NFLN/Amazon**
Oct. 24Chicago Bears4:25 PMCBS
Oct. 31at New Orleans Saints4:25 PMFOX


Nov. 14at Washington Football Team1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 22New York Giants (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Nov. 28at Indianapolis Colts1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 5at Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 12Buffalo Bills4:25 PMCBS
Dec. 19New Orleans Saints8:20 PMNBC*
Dec. 26at Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 2at New York Jets1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 9Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX

Tennessee Titans

Sep. 12Arizona Cardinals1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 19at Seattle Seahawks4:25 PMCBS
Sep. 26Indianapolis Colts1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 3at New York Jets1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 10at Jacksonville Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 18Buffalo Bills (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Oct. 24Kansas City Chiefs1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 31at Indianapolis Colts1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 7at Los Angeles Rams8:20 PMNBC*
Nov. 14New Orleans Saints1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 21Houston Texans1:00 PMCBS
Nov. 28at New England Patriots1:00 PMCBS


Dec. 12Jacksonville Jaguars1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 19at Pittsburgh Steelers1:00 PMCBS
Dec. 23San Francisco 49ers (Thu)8:20 PMNFLN
Jan. 2Miami Dolphins1:00 PMCBS
Jan. 9at Houston Texans1:00 PMCBS

Washington Football Team 

Sep. 12Los Angeles Chargers1:00 PMCBS
Sep. 16New York Giants (Thu)8:20 PMNFLN
Sep. 26at Buffalo Bills1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 3at Atlanta Falcons1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 10New Orleans Saints1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 17Kansas City Chiefs1:00 PMCBS
Oct. 24at Green Bay Packers1:00 PMFOX
Oct. 31at Denver Broncos4:25 PMFOX


Nov. 14Tampa Bay Buccaneers1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 21at Carolina Panthers1:00 PMFOX
Nov. 29Seattle Seahawks (Mon)8:15 PMESPN
Dec. 5at Las Vegas Raiders4:05 PMFOX
Dec. 12Dallas Cowboys1:00 PMFOX
Dec. 19at Philadelphia EaglesTBDTBD
Dec. 26at Dallas Cowboys8:20 PMNBC*
Jan. 2Philadelphia Eagles1:00 PMFOX
Jan. 9at New York Giants1:00 PMFOX