We're just two games into the NFL season, but it seems like the Atlanta Falcons have found the remedy for the Super Bowl hangover.

It's called having a damn good team.

Since they blew the 25-point lead to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl last February, all we've heard about was how they would have problems responding to that loss.

As a team, they did a lot of things to overcome it, including training with Navy Seals, having head coach Dan Quinn reach out to a lot of coaches in other sports who had those types of losses, and having their MVP quarterback go into a funk for two weeks before snapping out of it.

It all seems to have worked.

The Falcons blew out the injury-plagued Green Bay Packers Sunday night to stake a claim as the best team in the NFC, and right now the top team in my Power Rankings.

I thought all summer that the Falcons would have no issues bouncing back from the loss in large part because I thought their team would be much improved on defense. The offense can still be a points machine, which we saw glimpses of Sunday night, but it's that defense that will make this team better -- and a real threat to get back to the Super Bowl.

Against the Packers, the Falcons had three sacks and two takeaways, returning one for a touchdown, while showing off their defensive strength. Corner Desmond Trufant, who didn't play in the playoffs last season after being lost with a shoulder injury, got the touchdown on a fumble recovery and also had an interception of Aaron Rodgers.

The rest of the defense is playing much faster, mainly because they are a year older. This was a defense that started four rookies in the Super Bowl.

So about that Super Bowl hangover, you can forget about it. Being good, which the Falcons are again, is a cure for it.

Biggest Movers
6 Commanders
6 Cowboys
1 Falcons They still haven't quite clicked on offense yet, but it's coming. When it does, watch out. 1
2 Steelers Here's another team that hasn't been as good as expected on offense. Maybe Le'Veon Bell missing the preseason matters now. 1
3 Chiefs This team is for real, which I didn't expect. They have two victories over two good teams. Watch out in Los Angeles this week. 1
4 Patriots That team we saw in New Orleans is the one we expected to see all season. The defense made big strides. 1
5 Packers The injuries are really starting to pile up. It would be nice to see this team at full strength. 4
6 Raiders That offense is going to put up a ton of points. It must be nice to have one of the league's best offensive lines. 1
7 Broncos If Trevor Siemian keeps it going, they will be a deep playoff team. But now they have to play their first road game at Buffalo. 5
8 Buccaneers The defense was impressive against the Bears, which could make this team even better than expected. 2
9 Seahawks Where is the offense? It can't do much without an offensive line. Chris Carson did give them some hope in the fourth quarter running the football. 1
10 Lions Winning on the road against the Giants Monday night is a good sign. That defense is much improved over a year ago. 1
11 Dolphins That was a big-time win on the road after dealing with a lot of issues the past few weeks. Jay Cutler did some good things in that victory. --
12 Cowboys The loafing in the blowout loss to the Broncos was not a good look. Neither was Jason Garrett putting the offensive issues on Dak Prescott. 6
13 Panthers The defense is off to a fast start, but Cam Newton hasn't looked himself throwing it. Maybe that shoulder is still an issue. 2
14 Ravens The defense is playing great football, and taking it away. They haven't played good offenses yet, and won't this week against Jacksonville. 2
15 Eagles The defense has impressed in the first two weeks. The front four is nasty. 2
16 Vikings I didn't think they would win at Pittsburgh with a healthy Sam Bradford, but now his knee might be an issue going forward. That's not good. 2
17 Cardinals They haven't looked good the first two weeks, but now come home for a big one against Dallas. They had five offensive starters out last week against the Colts. 2
18 Titans The Titans were staring 0-2 in the face, but had a big second half against the Jaguars to get back on track. They looked like the team we expected to see before the season. 3
19 Commanders They ran all over the Rams, which is a good sign for the offense. Now they have to amp up the passing game. 6
20 Rams What happened to the defense? Wasn't Aaron Donald back for this one? It wasn't good. 2
21 Chargers The same old song: Losing close games. When does it end? 1
22 Giants The offensive line is killing this team. They have a survival game this week at Philadelphia. 5
23 Jaguars The offense is pedestrian, which is why the defense will be stressed all season long. They have to be able to throw it better. 1
24 Texans Deshaun Watson did some good things with his legs against the Bengals, but he has to be better throwing it. 1
25 Bills Their offense has to improve. They didn't do anything against the Panthers. LeSean McCoy needs more touches than what he got against Carolina. 2
26 Saints The defense is the same as always: Horrible. Do they cover anybody? --
27 Bengals It's now eight quarters being shutout. Do they really think a change in coordinators will matter? The line stinks. 3
28 Browns DeShone Kizer will have growing pains like he did against the Ravens. It happens to rookie passers. This is a learning year. --
29 Bears Why don't they just play Mitchell Trubisky? It's clear they aren't going anywhere. --
30 Colts They competed against the Cardinals, which is an improvement. Andrew Luck is sorely missed. --
31 49ers They ran the ball well against Seattle, so they have that to build on. The passing game has to be better. --
32 Jets They make so many mistakes. It's going to be a long, long season. --