Stanley Cup playoffs odds: Each NHL team's chances of making the postseason

The 2018-19 NHL season is right around the corner, and while there are many questions surrounding each team, it's clear that only a couple of contenders are considered serious Stanley Cup Final material. What about the playoff picture as a whole, though? Which teams are locks to at least be in the postseason, and which ones are destined to be sitting at home during the race for the Cup?

According to Bovada's latest playoff odds, there's quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to the 16-team postseason, and the NHL's yearly parity supports that. There are, however, some standouts on both ends of the spectrum.

The Nashville Predators and Tampa Bay Lightning, for example, are far and above the safest bets to return to the playoffs in 2018-19. Their -1800 (1/18) odds are unmatched, with only the Winnipeg Jets (-1600) and Toronto Maple Leafs (-1500) coming close. The rebuilding Ottawa Senators, meanwhile, just might be the laughingstock of the league this year, and their odds of a playoff run (+800) confirm that seeing as though they have the worst odds among all 31 teams.

Within divisions there are some major disparities, such as in the Metropolitan, where the Pittsburgh Penguins (-1000) are ridiculously favored for a trip to the postseason over their rival Philadelphia Flyers (-150). There are some obvious forecasts, like the rejiggered Detroit Red Wings (+700) ranking among the NHL's least likely playoff teams. And then there are some bold ones, like the 2017-18 stud Vegas Golden Knights (-240) barely registering as favorites in contrast to, say, the defending champion Washington Capitals (-1000).

Here's the entire list of every team's odds of making the playoffs, per Bovada:

Anaheim Ducks: -130
Arizona Coyotes: +800
Boston Bruins: -800
Buffalo Sabres: +350
Calgary Flames: +200
Carolina Hurricanes: +240
Chicago Blackhawks: +275
Colorado Avalanche: +275
Columbus Blue Jackets: -200
Dallas Stars: -130
Detroit Red Wings: +700
Edmonton Oilers: -130
Florida Panthers: Even
Los Angeles Kings: -300
Minnesota Wild: -130
Montreal Canadiens: +400
Nashville Predators: -1800
New Jersey Devils: +155
New York Islanders: +275
New York Rangers: +240
Ottawa Senators: +900
Philadelphia Flyers: -150
Pittsburgh Penguins: -1000
San Jose Sharks: -550
St. Louis Blues: -140
Tampa Bay Lightning: -1800
Toronto Maple Leafs: -1500
Vancouver Canucks: +750
Vegas Golden Knights: -240
Washington Capitals: -1000
Winnipeg Jets: -1600

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