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Sergio Aguero won't be back with Manchester City. Now that the team has made it official, complete with the promise of a statue for their iconic statue, the transfer rumor mill can heat up. Aguero will be out of contract this summer and many teams are expected to vie for his services. Thhose teams will have to ask themselves is exactly how much does the 32-year-old Argentine have left in the tank.

The latest Aguero transfer rumors

Sergio Aguero: Numbers to know

  • 182 goals: Over Aguero's 10 Premier League seasons, nobody has scored more goals than him, and it's not even close. Second over that time is Tottenham Hotspur's Harry Kane with 164.
  • 158.35 expected goals: As with goals, Aguero is far and away the leader in this category over his time in the Premier League, with Kane again in a distant second with 130.59.
  • 0.83 goals per 90 minutes: It's not simply Aguero's longevity that contributes to his impressive goals tally, during his decade at City he's also scored at the most frequent rate of anybody in the Premier League (players over 900 total minutes).
  • 0.72 xG per 90: Finally a category where he's not first. He's second. In fact, City teammate Gabriel Jesus is the only player averaging more xG per 90 minutes (among players who have played at least 900 minutes) with 0.74.

Transfer risk factor

By far the biggest risk factor for Aguero is his age. He'll be 33 this summer, and this season has been mostly lost to injury, as he's played only just over 300 total Premier League minutes. On the other hand while he also played limited minutes last season his 0.91 xG per 90 in the 1,455 minutes he did play was the best of his Premier League career. So the question is not so much can Aguero still deliver when he's on the pitch, but will he be on the pitch enough to deliver.