Players from more than 20 Division I men's basketball programs have been identified as possibly breaking NCAA rules through violations that were uncovered via the FBI's raid of Andy Miller's office, according to a report from Yahoo Sports. It's a big headline, obviously. But what does it actually mean for the sport? Matt Norlander and I discussed that at the top of this episode of the Eye On College Basketball podcast.

In fact, we spent all 53 minutes on the FBI investigation and what the documents published do and do not show. We talked about it from every angle and addressed NCAA President Mark Emmert's comments that his committee is ready to "clean up" college basketball. To that, I say, awesome! But anything short of allowing student-athletes to have agents, and abolishing the idea of amateurism, isn't going to work. I explained why, I think, in great detail. I might've raised my voice at times.

The latest Eye on College Basketball podcast is below.

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