Marques Bolden was top center in the Class of 2016. USATSI

Sometimes Twitter can be really fun -- and funny.

There's nothing wrong with healthy rivalry and a little needling, especially when it comes to college hoops, which thrives off recruiting wars in the offseason.

Thursday afternoon provided one of the funniest and most unexpected tweets in some time. First, Duke landed five-star big man Marques Bolden. In doing so, Bolden picked Duke (or, as he's still calling it, "the University of Duke") over Kentucky. A big win for Mike Krzyzewski, who's unquestionably managed to find even footing with the greatest recruiter of the past decade in college basketball, John Calipari. The two coaches have had the top two classes in each year for most of the past half-decade. We are in a golden age of recruiting battles between legendary coaches and programs.

So Bolden announces he's headed to Duke. Thousands watch the announcement over the Internet.


Seconds after Bolden makes his choice, this tweet pops up -- from one of the official Duke men's basketball Twitter accounts. Fortunately we have a screengrab, because the tweet has since been deleted.

OK, so a couple dozen flame emojis, then some fish and a whale. What's so funny about that? Well, rewind a couple of days and you'll see. You see the fishing rod right there, yeah? (Can't even believe I'm writing about this, but the tweet was genuinely funny and a nice ribbing, so it's worth it.)

Anyway, here's Calipari's tweet from earlier in the week. This tweet and linking story had many believing Calipari was taking a shot at Duke and/or Mike Krzyzewski.

So then @dukeblueplanet goes out and tweets a fishing rod, some fish -- and a big whale. Very well-played. Not nearly as good as the emoji domino from last summer involving NBA players, but worth a chuckle still.

Nevertheless, within minutes of Duke's tweet being widely shared, it was deleted. We aren't allowed to have fun on Twitter dot come these days, it seems. I'm certain Krzyzewski was not happy about the tweet, which is the most likely reason it was vaporized. But almost nothing ever disappears on the Internet. So this won't either.

It was a good burn. It fuels the rivalry. Duke and Kentucky are the top two programs in the sport, and this only enhanced the respectful animosity between the bases. The coaches are now the ones getting caught up in it, though, and it's safe to say Krzyzewski wants nothing to do with it whatsoever. He can take solace in having the No. 1 team heading into next season.