John Calipari's Wildcats are only four games into the regular season, but the Kentucky coach showed in his press conference Tuesday that he's already reached mid-season form with his jabs.

Last week, Kentucky assistant coach Kenny Payne admitted that he had not yet read his bosses new book, "Success Is The Only Option." Looking back on that, maybe Payne should have lied. He opened up a door for Calipari, who slammed it shut with a theory why Payne had not yet read it.

"He went to Louisville," Calipari said. "He doesn't read."

After about a 10-second pause that was met with "ooohs" from the media, Calipari, glancing across the room, made sure to let everyone know he wasn't being too serious.

"I was kidding, as you know," Calipari made sure to include.

Drop the mic, Cal. Game over.