NCAA Basketball: Connecticut at Houston

Former UConn basketball coach Kevin Ollie has filed a lawsuit against his former employer alleging its decision to terminate his employment stemmed from racial discrimination.

According to the suit, reported by ESPN, Ollie alleges that UConn illegally attempted to stop him from filing a racial discrimination claim related to his firing back in March. He also alleges that he was subject to "disparate treatment" compared to Jim Calhoun, his UConn predecessor, who kept his job despite NCAA violations being levied against his program while serving as head coach.

Ollie, who had $10 million remaining on his contract, was fired with cause over the NCAA violations that were brought to light.

"As UConn has stated from the outset, the university terminated Kevin Ollie's employment due to violations of NCAA rules, pursuant to his employment agreement," university spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said in a statement. "Any claim to the contrary is without merit."

Ollie's firing over NCAA violations came in March, but in September of last year, a yearlong NCAA probe into his program found there were offenses related to providing false information to investigators, providing misleading information about phone calls between recruits and former UConn players Ray Allen and Rudy, and other violations. These revelations, UConn claims, were cause for Ollie's firing. 

Ollie maintains his innocence in the wake of the allegations and has previously filed suit against UConn, claiming the university violated his constitutional rights by firing him.