The NCAA announced on Thursday that four prominent AAU teams are banned from the upcoming July live period due to an association with an agent.

According to a release, the directors of New England Playaz, Florida Rams, Worldwide Renegades and SEBL Elite All-Stars have a relationship with ASM Sports, a professional sports agency. By NCAA rule, non-scholastic basketball teams that are associated with agents are prohibited from competing in NCAA certified summer basketball events.

Sources tell that, over the last few months, the NCAA has interviewed each program’s director: T.J. Gassnola (New England Playaz), Matt Ramker (Florida Rams), Desmond Eastmond (Worldwide Renegades) and Tony Edwards (SEBL Elite All-Stars). Sources also indicate that the NCAA questioned multiple players on the teams regarding their knowledge of a relationship involving prominent sports agent Andy Miller.

The NCAA enforcement staff obtained an email sent from Miller to the four aforementioned program directors.

"I get tired of being the 1 guy that has to get the 1st rd [sic] picks every year. I’d be happy to help you get guys + lend support. You have to want it + have to hustle. To create situations to manifest chaos + plow down walls to open up new opp’s [sic],” the email stated. “We’re facing a summer with no revenue. Yet, everyone will expect their checks, expenses reimburse [sic], etc. I try to give a consistant [sic] platform inorder [sic] to facilitate production. Am I getting the level of production in return that I want or expect?...You decided to be apart [sic] of it on some level…Do more than just give it thought, act on it."

The eligibility of the prospects to play in July is not in question, and they can still participate in certified events – as long as they play on a different team. A new team formed of the same players must show that Gassnola, Ramker, Eastmond and Edwards are no longer involved or associated with the players or team.

Some of the top prospects affected by this ruling include three five-star prospects in the class of 2013, all playing for the Florida Rams: Chris Walker, Kasey Hill and Brannen Greene.