The Pac-12 has upped its punishments if fans run on the floor at the end of a game. USATSI

The Pac-12 has announced a new penalty structure for court and field-storming, effective immediately.

The conference's big wigs of presidents and chancellors (aka, the Pac-12 CEO Group) put out a state-of-the-league via press release on Tuesday afternoon. Part of the initiative is a reduction on night games for football, but in terms of the college hoops impact, here's the vital information: "Starting in the 2016-17 academic year, fines will be applied to institutions as follows: $25,000 for first offense, $50,000 for a second offense, and $100,000 for a third offense."

It's a start, at least. The SEC has had a three-tier fine structure in place for years, and it's even heftier than this. Many believe a fine won't reduce field- or court-storms enough, but the Pac-12 had nothing in place until now, so it is nonetheless legislation toward reducing actions that are increasingly seen as dangerous and unnecessary. A big reason why this has come about: Sean Miller, Arizona basketball coach.

Remember Miller's tirade in late February? Zona got beat at Colorado, and the scene could have gotten ugly. Miller has long asked for more decorum and a certain protocol in place in these types of situations.

"The Pac-12 Council carefully considered this policy and its impact on our fans who loyally support our teams," Cal athletic director Mike Williams said. "This enhanced policy underscores the importance our universities place on the safety and welfare of our student-athletes, officials and fans, and will allow us to educate staffs and fans on procedures going forward."

We'll get a chance to see what comes of this in the next couple of years. Arizona hoops is the primary target as of late for court-storming.