You think the NCAA tournament is grand? A Champions League format would be universe-altering. (US Presswire)

How can college basketball be better? By changing everything about its regular and postseason. Seriously. The NCAA tournament is the best American postseason event. But you know what the best postseason event in the world is? The UEFA Champions League. It rewards the best teams, makes for the most interesting and competitive regular season, and offers two different kinds of titles, both respected in their own way. So what if college basketball modeled itself after the Champions League? Made a secondary tournament that was five times better than the NIT? The sport's popularity would go through the roof. Let's Andy Glockner and Bylaw Blog's John Infante explain to you how this could work. It's the offseason: let's have a little fun and a lot of imagination.

And for more information on the draw and the mythical season we've had up to this point, you're going to want to check out the CBBCL's official homepage.

  • From the beginning: Explaining just what the hell we’re doing with this.
  • 4:42: How we got to the mythical 32 teams remaining in the CBBCL.
  • 9:11: Why the College Basketball Champions League would trump the NCAA tournament by five million pounds and ways.
  • 12:08: The draw! Which teams are going into which groups? They are lettered off from A to H. I’d say more, but I don’t want to spoil it. I do think you’ll appreciate and enjoy the audio drops I’ve provided.
  • 25:44: The groups have been drawn, and so John and Andy provided analysis.
  • 29:43: Some further explanation on how the season works, the timeline, and how certain teams would be eliminated or qualify for future CBBCL group stages --> titles.
  • 34:00: Pod wrap-up on how this would actually vastly improve the college basketball regular season from what it is today. Like, we’re talking a level of intensity that would equal anything -- seriously, anything outside of the NFL -- American sports has to offer within a regular season. And then the postseason? Just awesome.

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