Two-time NBA MVP and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry teamed up with Liberty University in collecting shoes for children in Africa. The effort netted more than 20,000 sneakers for Kick’n It for a Cause, a lifestyle brand started by a family friend of the Curry family, Chris Strachan.

Despite Curry’s incredible credentials as a professional that might suggest he was once a blue-chip recruit that played for a college powerhouse, his path ran through small school Davidson, where he went from unheralded prospect to NCAA Tournament star in 2008. So his experience at a small school (and the fact that his brother Seth played one season at Liberty), was part of the reason for his willingness to help. During his visit to Liberty, Curry even addressed the school’s team as it gears up for postseason play.

“Before all this NBA hoopla, from my journey coming from a small school like Davidson, I had the same kind of look that you all have in your eyes right now,” Curry said. “Just hyped to play and ready to go. It’s an amazing opportunity to do it and do it together. Because every single one of you has a role and a part of your success .. Have fun doing what you’re doing, and just enjoy it.”