The University of Toledo announced Wednesday that its men's basketball team is pausing all activities for two weeks after an outbreak of COVID-19 among the team. The decision comes after six players on Tuesday tested positive for the coronavirus.

Toledo coach Tod Kowalczyk also tested positive for the virus earlier in the week prior to the team shutting its activities down. He announced Monday on his Twitter account that he's entering a self-isolation period for 10 days, and that associate head coach Jeff Massey would assume head coaching duties until he returns. 

NCAA COVID-19 protocols dictate that those who test positive for the virus must self-isolate and that contact tracing be conducted to potentially identify any close contacts of those who may have been exposed, which the local health department is in the process of completing.

"Student-athlete health and safety is always our top priority and we are going to continue to follow the prevention protocols and ongoing testing procedures already in place," said Mike O'Brien, Toledo's Athletic Director and Vice President. "The COVID-19 pandemic remains a serious challenge, and our primary focus will always be on ensuring our student-athletes' health."

In an interview with WTOL 11 earlier this week, Kowalczyk revealed he was experiencing mild symptoms over the weekend but was feeling better on Monday. 

"It can happen to anybody. I feel I've been very cautious, very good, always wearing a mask, even in the office," he said. "When my staff meets in my office, we social distance, wear a mask. It's just the world we live in right now. You have to respect the virus."