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No. 16 seed UMBC just busted brackets all across the country by pulling the biggest upset in college basketball ever -- at least in the NCAA tournament. The Retrievers not only became the first 16 seed to beat a 1 seed in the tournament, they beat the No. 1 overall seed in Virginia 74-54. 

This wasn't just an off-chance fluke win. UMBC beat Virginia at its own game and completely dominated the Cavaliers, a favorite to win the entire tournament. 

So now that the most improbable game in tourney history has come to a close, the country surely wants to know more about this literal underdog team. So let's to the 4-1-1. 

What does UMBC stand for?

That would be the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. You know, just in case anyone isn't aware. 

What should I know about them?

As you can guess, the school is part of the University of Maryland system. The campus is located in Catonsville, which borders the city of Baltimore to the West. The public institution has nearly 14,000 students, a majority of which are undergraduates, according to numbers from 2014. 

What about the basketball team?

They're the Retrievers, and they're very good dogs! UMBC, named after the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, plays in the America East Conference and actually won their conference tournament this season over Vermont -- hence the automatic 16-seed bid for the NCAA tourney. In fact, the Retrievers got to the tournament in dramatic style thanks to a buzzer beater three in the America East conference final. 

What's UMBC's NCAA tournament history?

The Retrievers have just one previous NCAA tournament appearance in 2008. UMBC lost to No. 2 seed Georgetown 66-47 in the Round of 64.