Billionaire Warren Buffett has issued his annual Berkshire Hathaway NCAA Tournament challenge with yet another prize that will make you wish he was your boss.

According to contest rules issued this week, Buffett is willing to pay employees who pick the first 32 games correctly $1 million a year for life -- an amendment to a previous promise that the same payout would be issued to a perfect Sweet 16 bracket.

That's quite a hefty payout for a perfect first round.

Last year, no Berkshire Hathaway employee came close to picking a perfect bracket to the Sweet 16, however two male employees picked the first 20 games correctly, and both cashed in on Buffett's repeating promise that a $100,000 award is given to whomever lasts the longest with a perfect bracket.

Both were ousted after Middle Tennessee upset Michigan State.

Buffett also promised to double the payout this year if Creighton, a No. 8 seed in the South Region, wins the NCAA Tournament.