In Duke's 72-64 victory vs. Pitt on Saturday, Blue Devils star Grayson Allen was once again at the center of controversy.

Allen, who served a one-game suspension earlier this season for tripping an Elon player in mid-December, has been at the center of several controversial plays since returning to the floor. Once again on Saturday, it was his legs that got him in trouble, as Allen was called for a tripping foul.

Of all the incidents Allen has been involved in, this play, at least from the looks of it, appears to be the least intentional. Upon review of the play, it seems pretty clear Allen was simply helping out on the drive and reached in for the ball. But when a Pitt player goes down, malicious or not, it's bound to draw a foul call.

In nearly every game since Allen has returned, his limbs have stirred up controversy. And while on the surface this doesn't appear to be intentional, it's an unfortunate incident for a player of Allen's caliber looking to rehab his public persona and reverse the perception of him being a dirty player.

Allen led No. 21 Duke with 21 points and six assists.