When you're as tall as Tacko Fall, it has its advantages. Being a 7-foot-6 monster on the basketball court is one of those. He's so tall, in fact, Memphis apparently decided an attempt at winning the opening tip would be wasted energy.

It's not like Memphis trotted out its point guard just to see how hilarious the mismatch might look like either. That's 6-foot-8 starting forward Jimario Rivers giving up a ridiculous 10 inches to the tallest player in the NCAA.

It looks like Rivers gave jumping a brief thought before deciding he'd keep his legs fresh on the defensive end.

"I really didn't even see the point in jumping," Rivers said after the game.

I've seen players with a decided size disadvantage before -- but at least they attempted to win the opening tip. I guess with a man towering above him like that, Rivers played his odds out ahead of time. Can you blame him?