Former Baylor coach Art Briles released a statement Wednesday to defend himself and ask Baylor regents to “remember the importance of thorough investigations with full transparency.”

“Despite the insistence of certain people, I can remain silent no longer,” begins the statement. “There is an onslaught of information coming out in the press that is inaccurate, misleading and unfair to Baylor, its amazing students, its strong faculty, the administration and its athletic programs.”

Briles goes on to say that he “did not obstruct justice on campus or off,” and that “when I was alerted that there might have been an assault, my response was clear: The alleged victims should go to police, report it and it should be prosecuted. “

Briles also addressed text messages between him and other Baylor officials regarding player misconduct that were released following a lawsuit against the school. 

“Rumor, innuendo and out of context messages, emails and comments have no place in a true fact-finding mission. The key to growth for the school begins with full transparency, not selective messaging. To participate, or worse yet, instigate such, is unfair to the victims, the accused, the programs and all of Baylor Nation.”

Briles was fired by Baylor in May of 2016.

It was also announced Wednesday that the Texas Rangers had opened a preliminary investigation into the school’s handling of sexual assault cases.