Oklahoma State has a couple of Heisman Trophy candidates in wideout James Washington and quarterback Mason Rudolph, but it was punter Zach Sinor who stole the show at Big 12 Media Days on Tuesday in Frisco, Texas.

Sinor, who launched a social media campaign a few weeks ago, promoted his own website that looked like it was built on computer software from the 1980s and handed out brochures to anyone and everyone willing to listen to him.


He also sported a shirt -- that said "#sinor4heisman" -- and a fu manchu right out of the Baker Mayfield playbook. It was everything you wanted out of a punter sporting a tongue-in-cheek Heisman campaign. 

"The media people did a great job and said, 'You know, just take off with it and run with it and have fun with it and enjoy it,'" said Sinor with heavy sarcasm. "That's what I'm doing. I'm going back to my fans. All the people who have been there through the good and bad. I'm sticking with it.

"I went to a store in Stillwater and got my shirt made, and I also got these pamphlets made. I did [the website] on the way down from Stillwater this morning."

That's exactly what it looked like

What do his teammates think of it? Rudolph is quoted on Sinor's site saying, "He's been key for us." 

Sinor said that might not be genuine, though.

"[Rudolph] gets mad at me sometimes," said Sinor. "He doesn't talk to me. It is what it is. I'm just trying to win it."

Just trying to win it. Sinor might be a long shot, but he's the leader in the clubhouse to date given how tremendous and hilarious this campaign has been.