A pair of people were charged after attempting to steal over $624 worth of beer from Neyland Stadium on the University of Tennessee campus. The incident occurred around 11 p.m. on Saturday, when five people were seen on security cameras near the stadium, according to USA Today.

Police were called to the scene and did catch three of the suspects, two of whom had 24 beers apiece in their possession at the time.

Rachel N. Barber, 20, and 19-year old Spencer Ranencio Ngumuya both revealed that they went under a fence in order to sneak into Neyland Stadium, the home field of the Volunteers' football team. They then saw walk-in coolers where the beer was located and decided to steal the booze. Both Barber and Ngumuya were arrested on burglary charges as a result of the incident.

Meanwhile, the third suspect was not charged after confessing to driving the group to the on-campus stadium. On game days, the retail value of a single beer at Neyland Stadium is between $12 and $13.

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly had people searching for ways to entertain themselves, as many states have instituted stay-at-home orders for residents. However, this may have not been the best idea.