USC has ended its relationship with a booster after she sent a series of tweets Sunday night promoting gun violence. In a statement on Monday afternoon, Trojans athletic director Mike Bohn said that he was made aware of "abhorrent and blatantly racist tweets from an individual who identified as a USC Football Booster." 

That booster, Marla Brown, said multiple times on her now-deleted Twitter account that people protesting police brutality and George Floyd's murder in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. should be shot. On her Twitter bio, Brown identified as a LAPD union attorney. She clarified later that she had not held that job in some time. 

Brown's tweets were brought to the attention of former Trojans wideout Michael Pittman, whose picture was used in her avatar. Understandably, Pittman asked that his picture be removed from her profile. 

Brown later replied to Pittman, saying her tweets were made in a "fit of anger" and were "a stupid thing to say."  

In response to Brown's tweets, USC said it informed her that it had revoked her season ticket and Trojan Athletic Fund membership privileges. Additionally, Brown's account has been flagged to prevent future purchases. "Thank you to the USC community for helping us identify this individual so that we could move to swiftly terminate our relationship," Bohn said. "We stand in solidarity with the Black community."