Mike Leach -- the eccentric coach of the Washington State Cougars, card-carrying pirate and superstar of the live microphone -- is coming to a classroom near you. Well, at least if you're a student on the Palouse. The university announced Friday that Leach will teach a course alongside Spokane County Treasurer Mike Baumgartner called "Leadership Lessons in Insurgent Warfare and Football Strategies" this spring in Pullman.

It will center around Leach's experiences as a football coach and Baumgartner's resume that includes eight years as a state senator a U.S. State Department officer in Iraq, and an embedded counter‑narcotics advisor in Afghanistan.

The non-credited class will take place over the course of five weeks from March 27-April 23, and has a limit of 40 students. The final session will be streamed to the public and include a question-and-answer session.

How do you sign up for it? Well it's pretty simple. Prospective students are being asked to answer two questions with a 200-word limit for each. "Can the British strategy in the Malaya insurgency be used today? Is the wishbone a potentially viable offense for the NFL? Why or why not?"

Is there a correlation between war strategy and football? There will be differing opinions on that, I'm sure. But if there's any man who can dig deep into it, it's Leach.