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A college football team filled with our nation's future soldiers can be counted on to lead by example on the gridiron on most days. In this case though, it's an example of how exactly not to run a trick play on special teams.

With just under 4:30 to play in their game against the Tulane Green Wave, Army was preparing to receive a kickoff after a Green Wave score. After receiving the ball, the Army returner turned to his right and tried to throw a long lateral pass to a teammate on the other side of the field. It would have been a great trick play to build some late momentum down 19 points, but Tulane snuffed out the chicanery immediately.

Green Wave receiver Jaetavian Toles made every football coach in America smile when, instead of chasing after the initial returner, he stayed in his lane on the kickoff coverage so that he could be in perfect position to intercept the lateral and bring it to the end zone to extend his team's lead.

Perhaps the issue here is not that Army got too creative while behind on the scoreboard, but rather that they were not creative enough. Next time, they should try the version of this play where a player lies down and camouflages himself among the colors on the field, which should come a bit more naturally given that, well, they're in the Army.