CrossFit is a brutal thing to do your body. It's exhausting, it's strenuous and it's designed to push your body to its absolutely limit. With that in mind, its stars don't have the longest career span, something that 2016 and 2017 champion Mat Fraser, "the fittest man in the world," is extremely aware of.

"I know there's a timestamp on what I'm doing," Fraser said, per CBS Local. "So I want to take full advantage of what I'm capable of, so that when I'm at the end of my sports career, I'm not looking back and wondering: could I have been capable of doing more?"

Fraser already does plenty. His regimen is incredibly intense, training five to six days a week. When he gets closer to competition, he claims he'll cut back, but barely.

"Volume gets cut down a little bit. I'll stop doing workouts that could have an adverse affect on the next day," he said. "If there's a lot of pull-ups or muscle-ups there's a big potential for tearing your hand or something like that where, if you tear your hand, it's going to affect your training the next couple of days. So, I try to avoid things like that."

He also said that the light at the end of the tunnel -- the CrossFit Games -- is his motivation in training.

"It was something that, a couple of seasons ago, I just had to remind myself of over and over, because I'm training all year for this one weekend, and it's kind of hard to see the progress towards that big goal," Fraser said. "So I just kept reminding myself that hard work pays off, this will pay off in the end."

It has for Fraser so far in his career. CBS Sports will be showing Fraser as he attempts for a three-peat in August. It would be a huge feat, and even if there is a timestamp on what Fraser does, he's going to make the most out of it until he gets there.