Shalane Flanagan, a Colorado native with an incredibly Bostonian name, had a major goal heading into 2018 coming off of a 2017 New York Marathon win: Win the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately for the 36-year-old, when the day she trained for came up, nature called. And when nature calls, you answer.

Flanagan didn't end up winning the Boston Marathon this year, but she did win Boston's inaugural Bathroom Sprint. With that in mind, who's the real winner here? Near the halfway mark, Flanagan took a quick detour to the port-a-potty, because when you gotta go, you gotta go.

The quick-thinking Jonathan Gault timed Flanagan's break on a stopwatch, clocking her at 13.86 seconds.

That's genuinely impressive, and you have to respect the hustle. A few minutes later, Flanagan caught up to the pack, which included Desi Linden, who won the women's race, becoming the first American to do so in 33 years. 

This is a good life lesson for all of the kids out there: Exigent circumstances will always trump careful preparation. But with that time, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that Flanagan practiced power bathroom breaks just in case an emergency arose, so maybe there's no lesson at all except don't hold it in. Between port-a-potty visits and inclement weather, Flanagan has had her work cut out for her on a gloomy Monday, but as always she's powering through.

You can follow the action with our live blog, as the action continues to unfold on the streets of Boston.