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A high school athlete ran one of the best races of his life, but his choice of words as he finished the race cost him a second place finish. Michigan high school runner Garrett Winter finished second in a Division 2 state championship race and yelled a curse word in excitement as he crossed the finish line.

Due to the use of "four-letter words of joy," Winter was disqualified, the Associated Press reported.

The Parchment High School senior finished the 3.1-mile race in 15 minutes, 27 seconds. That would be a personal record for Winter. But that time is no longer the official time on record. With his use of a the profanities at the finish line, Winter violated a national rule that governs conduct in high school running.

Here's what Winter had to say after the race, via the AP:

"As I crossed the finish line, my emotions got the best of me. I swore in excitement of what I had just accomplished. I swore when I finished the race and saw the time. I did not swear at anyone. I swore out of jubilation with pure adrenaline and emotion."

He added that regretted putting the race officials "in the position" to have to disqualify him.

Assistant director of the Michigan High School Athletic Association Cody Inglis said Winter's finish line exclamation was loud enough to be heard from 50 yards away.

"It's a horrible thing. Nobody takes any pride or joy in this, but the fact is that the rule was enforced," Inglis told