If at first you don't succeed, try, try again ... in the same weekend.

A new world record was set Saturday for the longest distance traveled while riding a bicycle on a wheelie in one hour. Manuel Scheidegger, a Swiss free rider, traveled around a track measured at 30.95 kilometers (19.23 miles) in the span of one hour to beat the previous record of 25.86 km (16.06 miles).

Pinkbike.com notes that it was actually Scheidegger's second attempt at breaking the world record this past weekend. He tried once on Friday and made it for about 45 minutes before a mechanical issue forced him to drop his front wheel, naturally ending his run. He returned early Saturday morning with his team to go for glory.

For 60 minutes, Scheidegger rode over 77 laps on a 400-meter track with one wheel up in the air and one person following him -- they rode their bike on two wheels -- the entire time. 

Part of the reasoning behind the stunt was to raise money for a charity called Wheels4Nepal, an organization that teaches Nepalese children to maintain and repair bikes. The current goal, according to the org's site, is to build a bicycle workshop that includes rooms and tools for young people to train as bike mechanics.

Video of the record-breaking attempt was streamed on Scheidegger's personal YouTube page and the entirety of the stunt can be viewed below.