It is hard to watch what gymnast Simone Biles is doing and not be in awe. Biles is making gymnastics history once again, and now has two more signature moves named after her thanks to successfully landing two moves at the world championships that had never been done on the international stage before.

The 22-year-old perfectly executed a triple-double, which consists of a double backflip with three twists, to start her floor routine at the 2019 gymnastic world championships in Stuttgart, Germany on Saturday. That is expected to be known as the "Biles II." 

The impressive performance from the decorated Olympian did not stop there. She landed the double-double dismount from the balance beam, a move that includes a double-twisting double backflip. Not an easy feat to say the least. That move will now be called the "Biles." 

Team USA made the announcement after the championships that the moves she performed and executed over the weekend are expected to be named after her. Now the International Gymnastics Federation will look at the skills and determine if she performed them clean enough to give them the title of "Biles." 

Biles is not new to having moves named after her. She already has namesakes on the vault and floor. To have a moved named after them, a gymnast must first submit it for consideration and then actually land the trick at a major competition.

The list of moves named after the young star is getting pretty long:

  • Vault - "Biles": Yurchenko half on with two twists (Cheng plus a half twist)
  • Floor Exercise - "Biles": Double layout half out
  • Floor Exercise - "Biles II": Triple-double (Double backflip with three twists)
  • Beam - "Biles": Double-double dismount (Double-twisting double backflip)

Biles said she was happy with her performance at the world championships.

"I feel like I'm pretty pleased just because that's how I train beam, and it finally felt good to go out there and hit a beam routine like I train because I feel like every time I go up to compete beam, I just bomb it," Biles said to the Olympic Channel. "So it felt really good to just nail it."

In true Biles nature, she still thinks she has room to improve.

"My goal going into tonight was to not be great ... it wasn't to do great, but just to do well, and I feel like I accomplished that," she said.

A lot of people would consider having two new moves named after them doing better than just "well" but Biles' constant strive for greatness is what makes her one of the best to ever do it. The moves were enough to advance her to the next round, and she came out on top in qualifying in all-around, beam and floor, ended second on vault and finished seventh on uneven bars. 

Biles has the chance to make history in another way during this world championship. At 20 world medals, she is just three behind the most decorated gymnast, Belarusian Vitaly Scherbo, and could surpass that mark this year.