The NBA fined Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid $10,000 for using inappropriate language on social media Saturday.

The league did not name a specific instance, however the fine comes on the heels of a social media post by Embiid in which he said, "F--- LaVar Ball."

The two have been feuding since draft night, when Embiid tweeted to his teammate Ben Simmons about dunking on Lonzo Ball.

Never one to keep silent, LaVar Ball then made comments about the 76ers in a June 29 appearance on 97.5 The Fanatic, which appeared to be directed toward Embiid and his strong social media presence.

"When you don't win and don't even make the playoffs, and don't even stay on the court long enough, that's the best thing you can do is Tweet, make some stuff," Ball said. "Ain't nobody else doing that, because they're working on their game in the gym. These guys ain't played a game, always hurt, and at the bottom of the totem pole.

"So guess what, get your asses off the g--d--- Tweeter, and get in the gym."

Embiid also appeared to respond to Lonzo Ball's inauspicious start to his career on Friday night in which he shot 2-15 from the field, tweeting out:

From what we know about Embiid, he's not likely to back down from LaVar Ball or from using social media, but perhaps the fine will force him to keep his language PG-13.