Finding himself in need of some expert advice, San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili took to Twitter to get an answer.

Wanting to know what was the best automatic espresso machine he could buy for his money, Ginobili posed the question to his millions of followers:

But Ginobili probably could've found an answer among his friends, as his former teammate Boris Diaw is a noted coffee aficionado and even had an espresso machine in his locker when he played for the Spurs. Despite this faux pas, Diaw didn't hold it against Ginobili for not texting or calling him as he happily answered the Spurs guard's question on Twitter:

The espresso machine Diaw had in his locker was a Nespresso, so it is not too surprising he would suggest one. Now it just up to Ginobili to heed his former teammate's advice and get a Nespresso machine of his own. And maybe Ginobili can even put in his own locker as a way to honor Diaw's advice and tenure in San Antonio.