Even though Chris Paul's NBA career has been a success by virtually all metrics, the fact that he has never won a championship despite being a 12-time All-Star continues to be held against him. That absence in an otherwise complete career affects not only Paul, but also the people around him.

Speaking on "The Pivot," Paul confessed that while it is tough on him that he still hasn't won a championship, it's tougher for the people around him -- specifically his wife and daughter. Paul then shared a story of his daughter being picked on at school because he hasn't won a title.

"My daughter is the sweetest soul you'll ever meet in your life, but she's at that age now where at school, kids talk crazy to her," Paul said. "She had a little boy, whatever, at school that said some reckless stuff to her that was like 'Your daddy ain't never gonna win no championship!' And my baby is so, she's special. She'll hold it together there, but when she got in the car she called and she was upset.

"And I had to have that conversation with her and talk to her and tell her 'Baby, some people talk and some people do.' But that's part of it."

The No. 4-overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft, Paul's nickname is "The Point God" and he has a long list of career accolades that warrant it: 12 All-Star nominations, 11 nominations to the All-NBA team, five-time NBA assist leader, six-time NBA steals leader and a place on the league's 75th Anniversary Team.

Yet, despite all of that, the high standard that NBA greats are held to has made Paul's lack of a championship a glaring omission, one that he is still looking to fill as a member of the Phoenix Suns.