Matt Moore joins me after a big weekend of hoops in which the Golden State Warriors were demolished by the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Toronto Raptors showed big signs of life in ruining the perfect postseason of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And of course, Draymond Green delivered the biggest blow of the weekend against Steven Adams so we've got a lot to talk about.

Here are the topics we discuss:

  • Did Draymond Green mean to kick Steven Adams in the testicles?
  • Should it matter whether he did or not if it's happened twice now?
  • Will or should Green be suspended for Game 4?
  • How did the Thunder dominate the Warriors?
  • What's a good shot for the Warriors when they're getting quick shots?
  • How did the Raptors take Game 3 from the Cavs?
  • Should the Cavs be worried or will the respond well to this minor adversity?

We discuss all of that, plus which teams should trade out of the top 10, a trade idea between the Thunder and Denver Nuggets, and much more.

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