Thinking positively can do wonders for one's psyche and disposition. This especially holds true in tiring times as the power of positive thinking can motivate and inspire. This may sound like new age mumbo jumbo but it's a practice that Warriors forward Andre Iguodala subscribes to.

Wanting to find a silver lining after losing Game 7 at home in the Finals, Iguodala told his Golden State teammates that the loss should motivate them and potentially cause them to win four championships.

From the San Jose Mercury News' Anthony Slater:

Iguodala on the Finals loss: "I said this after we lost. Losing this game might propel us to four championships. Then when you go recruit a guy who's available like this, once every 25 years. If we would've won, I don't know if we would've got him. We lose, got a chance and there's a chance to go after four or however many we possibly got a chance to get. You understand that - J Cole is a rapper and he says that, 'There's beauty in pain and there's struggle in success.' That was the beauty in the pain. In the Finals, we made a lot of mistakes we can fix. But going through that struggle and getting something like this, hopefully we can do great things."

Iguodala is not bragging like LeBron James did when he joined the Heat. He wants the Warriors to use their loss in the Finals to motivate them to win more championships, which is something Stephen Curry also believes will happen.

Four championships does sound like an awful lot though. The Cavaliers beating the Warriors in the Finals shows how hard it is to repeat as champions in the NBA. But the Warriors upgraded their roster in the offseason by adding Kevin Durant, so they could possibly become the next dynastic team in the league. And if that happens, Iguodala will likely point to that 2016 Finals loss as one of the main factors for their success.