Like a proud father, team owner Joe Lacob loves to brag about the Golden State Warriors. Lacob has every right to be braggadocios as the Warriors are expected to have another championship contending season, and it only helps that they added Kevin Durant in the offseason.

Durant joining the already star-studded Warriors drew the ire of many around the league. Even NBA commissioner Adam Silver was displeased by the move. But Lacob has a message for those haters.

From CSN Bay Area's Monte Poole:

"I know there are a lot of other owners and teams that are mad at us, at me," Lacob said Monday. "I felt that very much when I was in Las Vegas this summer.

"Sorry, we got him. We worked hard until we got him."

This may sound like a rather insincere apology and it probably is, but why does Lacob have to apologize in the first place? Winning a championship is the ultimate goal of all NBA teams and the Warriors used the free agent process to add a player in Durant that they believe will help them win in the Finals. What's wrong with that?

Lacob's sense of entitlement will surely rub some folks the wrong way, but he is entitled to his opinion. And hey, at least he wasn't eating pistachio nuts while saying sorry.